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This is a painting that I have started (and not yet finished) of my friend Summer. I wanted to paint this portrait so I could practice sewing into it, but it’s taking so long for me to finish. I’m struggling with the proportions of the face, first of all I made her face too wide, and once I had corrected that, I realised that I made her eyes too big.
It needs a lot of work, and i’m unsure whether to put it on hold for now so I can focus on moving my project forward.

I am really happy with how all the colours have blended together in this painting, and I hope to continue using the bright colours in my next paintings. I’ll change the composition slightly in my next works; I want the subjects of the paintings to share eye contact with the viewers, as it’s quite confrontational, and will help with the political nature of the paintings.

I want to try and embroider over this painting, as a practice for my final two portraits. I’m considering embroidering a floral pattern, but not too large or too much, as i don’t want to draw too much attention away from the painting itself.