I’m at that eek and gulp moment on return from a 2 week holiday when I see my artist in residence show is only 3 weeks away and I’m not sorted yet.  I have work behind me for it, but, by my very nature I am uncertain about everything right to the last moment.  I have had a great conversation with friend and fellow a-n blogger Kate Morgan-Clare which has helped clarify what I want to show, but now it’s sorting out the how plus all the details.  But the major part of this show for me, the pivotal piece, is the Bathe in Ignorance  dome and so for this week I am focussing on getting it to work with new materials which I hope will make it bigger than my original walk-in prototype Wigwam style thing.  I’ll have to make one at home, and then build another one again (well, the blackout lining will have to be re-done) for the exhibition.

Currently using Alcothene (used by plumbers in under floor heating), as it bends into shape and is a material without memory i.e. it doesn’t spring back to its previous position.