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I’m waiting on getting some alkathene, often used in the frame for poly tunnels along with heat shrink wrap plastic to get the light projecting into a dark space version of Bathe in ignorance to its next phase.


Richard Taylor recently suggested recording my reading out the 257 words to see how it transforms them. I read and recorded, but as soon as I started reading I had the thought that it’d be easier to follow the words if I had an autocue  (and not create paper flapping noises when going from sheet to sheet)


I felt the next step was filming the reading, so I’ve put the words onto a teleprompter app and have filmed the autocue rolling words and my voice reading them out.


I’m being very matter of fact and not doing a great deal of reflecting here , I have a horrible habit of allowing reflection and possibilities discovered through it sending me off in too many directions and my overall effort being watered down.  Now I’m going off to contextualise and then to a local tool workshop tomorrow to source alkathene (with luck).