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So, I’m not very good at describing my own work, especially recently made paintings, scruffy (I said yestoday) indeed!  That says nothing – it’s just the surface appearance. Also, I am looking from a point of view of honesty and what I think other people might see.  I put myself in others shoes far toooo much – I have that over-empathizing nature – which is a real pain sometimes.  So, when someone asks me about my work I am often second guessing, which is no good to anyone and that is not what they are wanting to hear about.  I see my recent paintings as an extension to taking writing for a walk at the print shed where I wrote on leaves, in the grass, etc.  The writing and the foliage on first glance might appear to be an extension of the many home décor items involving text and natural forms, of which there are a lot of.  Those ‘HOME’, ‘LOVE’, ‘RELAX’ etc 3D signs that have been popular for a few years now – text is a winner from the point of marketing a product. And I am not entirely sure why I intensely dislike them.  I think, where I am coming from is wanting text to influence movement and spill over into actions in the real world.   The act of placing words in the world, like those Experian adverts showing people making three-digit number 3D textile forms and the ‘HOME’ wooden signs, just feel like individuals wanting to make something more of what it already is, or to make up for some perceived lack.  Contrast a photo combining object and text in Instagram and you are far more likely to get ‘likes’ and comments, true on facebook too.

My efforts with the lost library project are showing some significant good results in the form of support.  The Library of Wales are donating 10 copies of the book Border Country by Raymond Williams to it – these – if the library will have them! – will go into stock at Abergavenny library so the books are available as and when people read and hear about the project and maybe want to read the book themselves… we’ll see!

I have now made 210 out of 254 small calico boards – within sight of the painting stage now.

Large star chart needed for marking the milestones, however small in the scheme of things, they are no less significant in my growth and progress.