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I’ve posted snippets of a few of these drawings here before, but I thought I’d post them all together now that I’ve taken quality scans of them! These are some of the drawings I’ve been working on for my project, I’ve really enjoyed it so far! I love the process of selecting different forms that I like, and grafting them together into these strange specimens. I know that there is a lot of scope to expand this project even further, to get a context behind it that relates to current events, but forenow I am enjoying the process. I like to think about the specimens themselves more than the meaning behind the work so far, and ask myself questions about them. Why do they look the way they do? What adaptations do they have to survive in their habitat? What habitat are these specimens from? How do they reproduce? I’m beginning to see these specimens from a different perspective; it’s as if I’m a Naturalist out in the field, and I’ve encountered these otherworldly organisms for the first time. I need to document them, examine and study them in an to attempt to understand them, like the Victorian Naturalists who embarked on outrageous journeys to discover new flora and fauna.