MISALIGNED – AirSpace Studio Exhibition 2016
August 12th to 27th, 2016


MISALIGNED is a showcase of new work from the AirSpace Studio holders, which explores constructions and compositions, processes and procedures, rules and rituals. We live in a world full of structures, ones we can see and ones we cannot. But what happens when these are challenged? What sort of world do we find ourselves in?


Misaligned features work from: Chloe Ashley, Emilie Atkinson, Kat Boon, Kyle Cartlidge, Kornelia Herms, Joyce Iwaszko, Jenna Naylor, Peter R Smith and Sarah Thorley.


For Misaligned, the AirSpace Studio Artists will consider the notion of structure, questioning the variety of connotations that are associated with the idea. For some of the group, this relates explicitly to their surroundings. Architecture, nature and the objects that inhabit our immediate environments lead to a consideration of material structures and how these can be challenged or subverted within the artists’ practices. Alternatively, other members of the Studio regard structure as a reference to the abstract, or systems that are implemented within our society. These range from frequently questioned and scrutinised political and social structures, to the immaterial data and technological structures that have dramatically transformed our existence.


Ultimately, this group exhibition aims to examine the assortment of structures that inhabit our lives, observing the methods in which we often misalign from these constructions and configurations.

During the summer, I was involved in a group exhibition held at AirSpace Gallery, involving all of the Studio holders. It was a successful exhibition, that helped my development of my work that I had started during my residency there, before I stayed at the gallery as a studio holder. It came at the perfect time to bridge the time between finishing my residency and now, and gave me a platform for me to develop my work further.

Why do animals and insects build their own structures and what could be their purpose? Are they building nests for shelter, or a safe place for metamorphosis from one life cycle to the next? Or have we yet to discover the real reason as to why they build their structures? 


I didn’t expect to take such an extended break from posting on my blog here, I found out my membership expired and I simply forgot to renew it until last month! I’ve now severed all ties from being “the student”, I now have an Artist membership here since my last membership was as a student. It’s a strange feeling knowing that I graduated over a year ago now!

Several things have happened since my last post (back in May!), some very exciting things as well! I’ll leave those to write about in their own blog posts. Since this is my first blog entry in several months, I thought I’d share some images of my studio.

It’s taken me quite a while to settle into the studio, I’ve been in there for six months now and I’m still making it feel like “my space”. I’ve always taken a while to settle into new spaces, while at university we’d change spaces every year, and it would take me about half of that time to relax fully in each space.

One thing I love about my studio space is the light, particularly when it’s a sunny day!