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I didn’t expect to take such an extended break from posting on my blog here, I found out my membership expired and I simply forgot to renew it until last month! I’ve now severed all ties from being “the student”, I now have an Artist membership here since my last membership was as a student. It’s a strange feeling knowing that I graduated over a year ago now!

Several things have happened since my last post (back in May!), some very exciting things as well! I’ll leave those to write about in their own blog posts. Since this is my first blog entry in several months, I thought I’d share some images of my studio.

It’s taken me quite a while to settle into the studio, I’ve been in there for six months now and I’m still making it feel like “my space”. I’ve always taken a while to settle into new spaces, while at university we’d change spaces every year, and it would take me about half of that time to relax fully in each space.

One thing I love about my studio space is the light, particularly when it’s a sunny day!