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i’m supporting a poorly back today by cleaning cupboards and catching up on housework in the kitchen. an at home day.  my view through the window fills me with great joy.  a monochromatic blue sky backs a splendidly fluid vibrant tree, illuminated by crisp may sunshine.  may the fourth be with you too.

my rest and writing is now being further supported by a resting puppy.  she’s picked up in my pain and has been providing suitable encouragement for me to take it easier today.

my post today evolves around an emerging interest in drawing machines.  initially only digital however a chance remark in a discussion has led to consider an analogue version for outdoors.

the time before a forest school session is becoming my research time.  a rope stretched between two trees forming the foundations.  yesterday i left the arrangement up for the children to discover and i was gently surprised what occurred when the first few arrived and saw it.

working with one of the volunteers helpers we co-produced a set up where the sticks hung in a different configuration to what i had been considering.

the volunteer began hitting one of the hanging sticks and i was lit up by the resultant movement.  the analogue drawing machine research was instantly simplified.

there’s an opportunity in august for the analogue drawing machines and i might admit to feeling i should say i will do it and then work out how to !

more pressing is the digital drawing machine.  i’m going to show it at the end of the month at the derbyshire open arts weekend.  i’m also going to be showing my non linear linear clock.

the digital drawing machine has taken shape quite nicely thank you very much.


something i played with yesterday was the date and time stamping the drawings and how they can be added to a slideshow.  despite my bad back i made good progress : )



reflecting about how the drawing machines feed into my practice i’m really rather happy.  on the face of it they are enjoyable and i hope engaging works as they offer opportunities to be questioned.  as i go about researching how to realise them i start to see glimpses of intellectual concerns and let these form waves of thought  i ride for as long as i can stay with the wave.  the machines continue to and so does my enjoyment of making them.