An exhibition of recent paintings by Edinburgh-based Lindsey Lavender. Originally trained as an architect, Lavender takes interest in the urban environment, using buildings and ‘the spaces in between’ as her subject matter. In this show she presents work that explores the ‘transformative effect of light’ on structural elements, points of transition and thresholds within architectural and abstracted space.
6 August – 1 September 2019, Moray Art Centre, The Field of Dreams, Findhorn, Forres, IV36 3TA. www.a-n.co.uk/events/urbanshadow

Tools for Survival
A group exhibition of new works that investigate ‘tools for survival’ by Scotland-based artists Jenny Pope, Liz Douglas and Felicity Bristow. With a focus on the relationship between green spaces and the urban environment of Glasgow, as well as other sources such as the ‘hurricane low Q’ in 1968 and the Glasgow flash floods of 2002 – the three artists question and challenge what is required to ‘support our survival’ in current times.
8-29 August 2019, WASPS head office, 141 Bridgegate, Glasgow, G1 5HZ. www.a-n.co.uk/events/exhibition-tools-for-survival

Holding The Fort
An exhibition of site-specific sculpture, drawing and performance by six East Sussex-based artists at Newhaven Fort, curated by artist Rachel Cohen. After a solo exhibition at the fort in 2013 Cohen was inspired to return along with artists Judith Alder, Terrence Brett, Helen Goodwin, Ram Samocha and Zoe Toolan. Each has distributed their work around the site, with the intention that visitors explore and discover the fort and what is has to offer. Free participatory events will take place on Saturday 24 August, led by Cohen and Toolan as part of Newhaven festival.
Until 26 August 2019, Newhaven Fort, Fort Road, Newhaven, BN9 9DS. www.a-n.co.uk/events/holding-the-fort

Cause and Effect
This exhibition of drawing and collage by Elena Thomas includes a selection of large-scale work in watercolour and text-collage. Thomas’s approach within these new compositions has allowed her to ‘dig deeper’ into the relationships between ‘children and adults, and between women’, subjects she previously explored using textiles. The artist also uses ‘stolen text’ to hint at further interactions between chosen materials, and how how such interplay can be a metaphor for human interaction. The private view includes live music from Thomas’s band The Sitting Room featuring songs with lyrics that echo themes explored in her visual work.
6-18 August 2019, General Office Gallery, First Floor, 12 Hagley Road, Stourbridge, DY8 1PS. www.a-n.co.uk/events/cause-and-effect

Consumed: Stilled Lives
A research-led show by Leeds Arts University Research Fellow Dr Dawn Woolley, examining ‘the relation between people and objects’ and how ‘adverts produce and disseminate social values’. Presented as a ‘still life exhibition’, Woolley uses photography, video and sound to interrogate commodity culture – in particular the process that ‘turns a consumer into a display of commodities’ whereby the body becomes an advert for branding.
Until 22 August 2019, Leeds Arts University, Blenheim Walk, Leeds, LS2 9AQ. www.a-n.co.uk/events/consumed-stilled-lives-3

All of the above are taken from a-n’s Events listings section, featuring events posted by a-n’s members

1. Lindsey Lavender, Escape, acrylic on paper, 30x20cm
2. Jenny Pope, Liz Douglas and Felicity Bristow, ‘Tools for Survival’, 2o19, exhibition poster
3. Judith Alder, Offensive Anti-invasion Operations, 2019. Photo: Vicki Painting.
4. Elena Thomas, 2019, watercolour, pencil and stolen text
5. Dr Dawn Woolley, ‘Consumed: Stilled Lives’, 2019, exhibition poster

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