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Survival of the fittest.

The question of where I fit has been rattling around again. Over the last few months various things have made me wonder about this – a rather wide range of things actually. I think that I survive (or at least […]

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Still Life: Caroline Wendling at Kettle’s Yard

‘I search always for this stillness, which penetrates our fullest activity and even our sleep’ [Jim Ede] The absence of a visible kitchen at Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge is a startling omission in a house which is otherwise convincingly domestic: […]

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Orto_dei_semplici Padua
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Hortus Botanicus

Hortus is a project which involves research into early practices of collecting and cataloguing as exemplified by the sixteenth century botanic gardens and libraries of Padua (IT) and Leiden (NL).

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Now Showing #267: The week’s top exhibitions

Five recommended shows from across the UK, including: A showcase of work from the University of Hertfordshire’s art collection; the inaugural exhibition at the Horniman Museum, London featuring a multi-sensory installation by Serena Korda; and a retrospective of Sex Pistols artist Jamie Reid in Hull.

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Gathering small things

Each object, carefully chosen, has its own special place. Studio walls are filled with categorised, catalogued, beach finds.

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Collaborating, nourishing and distilling

My meeting with artist and musician Rebecca Lee happened quite by chance, but turned out to be a really fortuitous encounter. We introduced ourselves at a special moving image event (Film Free and Easy) at Primary (the studio space where […]

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