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Richard Hughes, I'll Probably Cry, 2016
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NOW SHOWING #182: The week’s top exhibitions

This week’s selection includes a group show in Gateshead exploring the journeys taken by migrants and refugees to cross the Mediterranean Sea, a playful take on curating in Manchester, and the beginning of Bluecoat’s 300-day tercentenary programme in Liverpool.

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Mass: Lotti V Closs, installation view, SYSON gallery, 2015
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Approaching Galleries

Jennie Syson, director of the commercial gallery Syson in Nottingham, offers some advice on approaching galleries, through setting out the different research routes and methods you might use.

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Proposals: exhibitions in galleries

Proactively seeking out opportunities to realise exhibitions and projects is an important strategy in the arts. Adam Smythe, Curator at the Bluecoat in Liverpool, gives some advice on the best methods of approaching galleries with exhibition proposals for your own work or for curatorial projects.

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