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Q & A with Emily Peasgood

Emily Peasgood is one of the 2017 Folkestone Triennial commissioned artists. She’s created ‘Halfway to Heaven’, an acoustic piece drawing on both geological and cultural divides, neatly fitting this year’s theme ‘Double Edge’. Peasgood discusses her work with Jillian Knipe.

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A Q&A with… Richard Woods, Folkestone Triennial artist

For the Folkestone Triennial, London-based artist Richard Woods has created a series of six cartoon bungalows around the Kent coastal town, each painted in different vibrant colours and placed in improbable settings. He explains why to Fisun Güner.

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All go

It’s all go at the moment! I am one of 70 artists to have some work on paper in Afternoon Tea in Margate as part of the Margate Festival and curated by Chiara Williams and will be making new work […]

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Folkestone Triennial: an art treasure hunt of exquisite quality

The third Folkestone Triennial has been attracting widespread media coverage thanks to artist Michael Sailstorfer’s buried gold bars on the town’s harbour beach. Dany Louise takes a tour of the town and finds many more artistic treasures in this intelligently curated festival of art in the public realm.

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