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Post-election breakfast, as part of a-n’s Assembly Bristol.
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Post-election breakfast: “Artists can keep the focus on the big issues”

For the Post-election breakfast session as part of a-n’s Assembly Bristol event, four speakers discussed issues that ‘can sometimes mean having to have a difficult conversation’. Prior to this, facilitator Rivca Rubin asked those assembled to spend a few minutes reflecting on the outcome of the election. Here we report some of those reflections.

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Wow! Not quite all change at the top (yet) … When I started the work for the festival I had a strong feeling that I couldn’t go on working in the same way as before so the opportunity came at a good […]

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Where are we now?

Where are we now? Our Hack & Host a.n “Artist-led Group Bursary” funded project kicked off on Friday 12th May. The intention of the project, titled “Thrash Out: Artists as Political Activists” is to explore the notion of the artist […]

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Image by Emily Sparkes,
with drawings by Emily Sparkes and Greg Basterfield.
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In Venice with… Rachel Maclean

During the opening week of her Scotland + Venice film, ‘Spite Your Face’, artist Rachel Maclean spoke to Emily Sparkes about politics, inappropriate nose-touching and pasta pomodoro.

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Rachel Maclean pictured at  Chiesa di Santa Caterina where her film, Spite Your Face, 2017, is being shown. Photo: Patrick Rafferty; Courtesy: Scotland + Venice
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A Q&A with… Rachel Maclean, Scotland + Venice artist

For her Venice Biennale film, Spite Your Face, Scottish artist Rachel Maclean has created a re-working of the Pinnocchio story that explores power, political lies and the rise of populism. Moira Jeffrey talks to her about the themes and form of the work.

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Untitled blog post from "The Cultural Tourist"

Little voices Sometimes there is a natural lull in one’s art work. Caught between a mixture of wanting to try new things completely, to wanting to use my tried and tested methods to communicate current concerns. Ideally I should both. […]

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