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Taus Makhacheva. Photo: Aleksandr Vainstein / Eto Kavkaz
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A Q&A with… Taus Makhacheva, video artist and Venice hit

Working with fifth generation tightrope walker Rasul Abakarov within the vast landscape of Dagestan, artist Taus Makhacheva’s film Tightrope has been lauded by critics following its exhibition at the Venice Biennale. Pippa Koszerek talks to the artist about the processes and risks involved in her work.

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Ugly rumours: why Edinburgh’s Inverleith House has yet to be ‘saved’

When Inverleith House closed to the public last year, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh said it no longer intended to use it as a gallery for contemporary art. Now, as it hosts its first exhibition since the closure, Regius Keeper Simon Milne has said reports of its demise were just a “rumour”. Neil Cooper takes issue with this rewriting of history and cautions that the fight to truly save this renowned Scottish art gallery is far from over.

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A Q&A with… Richard Woods, Folkestone Triennial artist

For the Folkestone Triennial, London-based artist Richard Woods has created a series of six cartoon bungalows around the Kent coastal town, each painted in different vibrant colours and placed in improbable settings. He explains why to Fisun Güner.

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