My solo exhibition ‘Home’ at Red Gallery in Hull will open this Friday 8th and I offered to do a talk and table discussion Saturday 9th. There I will give an insight to my research about ‘home’ and present my projects that have come out of that research so far. In a way the research is the work but it does develop a clearer language when it is presented to the public and that clearness helps me to understand better what I am doing .

After this exhibition I need to just be still for a little time and catch up with myself and the mass of thoughts that is growing in my head. I am starting with my current home and have a big clear out and then work inwards doing the same with my thoughts. I think I am starting to say goodbye.

Will be interesting what responses I get from the three questions in the house constructions ‘What does home mean to you?’, ‘What is your relationship to your objects in your home?’ and ‘ Do you think we need/don’t need a home and why?’. The three house structures are very close to each other but facing a different direction so intimacy is still there. The little white soap houses inside look very crisp and I hope many people share their thoughts about home and take a little house. It is a bit precarious to walk around amongst them and I quite like that as it dictates the way one has to move but will see what the feedback is.

The sound composition of people’s thoughts  about home is not the best quality which makes me a bit unhappy but it is what it is and next time I can find a way to improve that. The speakers are put on an OSB board shelf low on the ground.

Then there is the presentation of the objects cast in white soap. I love those and want to do more. They are presented on a OSB board on tresses, OSB like the the material the house structures are made out off. The white soap objects look great on the OSB boards and it connects them to the houses.

In the process of translating the first brief for the architects in Austria.     Clear out of present home is starting.