After a series of conversations with the architect and the council I decided to translate those exchanges into drawings to internalise them, digest them and make sense of them. We are talking about boundaries, moving them or not, sizes, distances, lines, shapes and of course regulations and how to follow them or get around them.

I have started drawings on rectangular sizes lining paper about 50cm long and 20cm wide with a combination of more or less abstract pencil and charcoal drawings and possibly bits of collaged images will translate the dialogues with the architect and the council. I’ve not been drawing for a long time and feel excited like a child about doing this.

Also, I’ve finally got recording equipment to work on recording voices reading the collected thoughts on ‘what home means to people’. I’m planning on using the free software ‘audacity’ for the editing process. I got good advice from a friend about what to use and how to work with it. Very valuable!!!

Another dimension of my ‘home’ project is a photography piece. I’m going round viewings houses that are in between not being a home anymore and becoming one again. I’ll photograph them in that stage and make a series of images in a not yet known size. I want them to be already empty waiting to be inhabited again.

Not much progress on our own house; still packed with stuff and in need of decorating.