We’ve been in our selected home country Austria exactly four month now. A routine is creeping in, my urge to settle everybody in is slowing down, bureaucracy is getting less, my watching eye on the family members to see how they are doing is getting distracted, my inner interest is escaping to myself and the question what I might do here, I’m starting to look around to see what my needs and wants can connect to …

It is time …

I’m still giving out little white soap houses to people I meet, that live in our block of flats and people a know.

Our house plans a already pretty detailed. We know how big the spaces will be and how they will be arranged, what materials we will use, where the walls will be,  what the kitchen will look like, where the lights will be, what colours we will have everywhere, where the sockets and cables need to be, where all the drainage will be and wha systems, etc. I’m thinking about all the details constantly, and it takes up my mind space. There are a lot of decisions to make.

How does all that fit into my work?

The house is my current project. I need lots of people to work with me on that such as Nick and the architect with a technical person, building manager, electrician, plumber, metal workers, brick layers, a variety of companies that provide windows, doors, cladding, kitchen, etc. It is a collaboration.

It is an immensely intense process and I need to find a way to communicate my thought process, that different perspective I have. Showing a different viewpoint – it’s not just building a house but so much more. It provides a catalyst to conversations that lead to questions. There will be conversations, situations as well as objects, film footage, text and sound that will grow out of this.