It turns out that documenting the de-homing process of my own house is more interesting than showing images of de-homed houses I have no relationship with. So I’ve stopped viewing houses that are for sale. I’ve taken images of each room in our house in the original state, then I’ve started decluttering und took images of so far one room de-cluttered. Next stage is de-personalising and then de-homing. Each state will be photographed. Before de-homing each room I’ll make a list for each room with the objects that come with us to Austria as well as a book of abstract drawings done in that room.

It was inspiring to view empty houses and look for traces of home. The images I took looked like badly taken state agent images. When I showed them to a group of people they agreed that working with my own house would be much more interesting.

We have now one job sorted in Linz so the moving plans a becoming more real. At Easter we are going over for ten days to  talk banks and our architect. We also want to cut the grass and plant some trees on our land. We’ve now got somebody interested in our house and it’s not even on the market yet. Hopefully it works out!

I’m a client for the first year architecture student of Sheffield University and gave a little talk about my work and the way I and my family live in our current house. Will be interesting to see what they come up with.

Tomorrow I’m off to the Baltic to get some more inspiration in terms of art/architecture, space/place.