Back from our ten days visit to Austria. We had our second and third meeting with the architect and I’m translating each meeting into a drawing. I ‘m reading the notes I made over and over again and transport myself back into each meeting.   What is the essence? It slowly emerges in drawings that might take weeks.

Have started to de-personalise the first room, our bedroom. It is in stage three after the ‘current stage’ and ‘de-cluttered stage’. In the process of this I also started the list of objects that come with us from that room. Very labour intense and can’t believe how many things I need to list from a room I thought was most scarcely filled with stuff. Yes, I go through every last thing.

Recording of ‘home thoughts’ must be arranged as I need native English speakers for that and it will be challenging to find enough once we have moved.

And of course there is the goodbye event that I’m planning to do at Bloc Studios outside with a long table, food and drink for my artist community. There will be a more general one near home.

During our time in Austria we

met three banks and decided on one and opened a bank account. We

found a flat after looking at three. In the end we could have had all of them, the first was privat very spacious and modern but at the top of our budget, the second one in  a high rise complex of flats that didn’t feel right to me and was not much cheaper than the first one and the last one was the cheapest one with the same size and in a smaller house containing six flats. Being in a mixed area with privat  modern and older houses and flats in a quiet street. We were hoping for the last one and got it the day before we returned to England. We

met our architect twice and he’s now properly working on our project after we signed the first part of the contract and got invoices. Before we signed we checked with a friend of mine if he thinks the prices are reasonable and which ones could be negotiable. We also

looked at schools and boys made a decision and got enrolling forms. We also

got two older cars lined up that were cheaply offered from Nick’s work colleagues.

The people who are interested in buying our house made progress as well as they need to sell their house. 

It was a very busy ten days but I enjoyed them and it has been hard to return and go back to normal. We are looking at materials and images of concrete interiors, cladding, stairs etc. every night and sending them to our architect.