I’m thinking about the transition from a house to a home which is very closely related to the transition from space to place. I can see four main strands that make a or better will make our house (once it is built) a home: 1) the creative energy that grows in a place when people do creative things; 2) the visibility of the passage of time so the objects in a house that are specific to its inhabitants lives; 3) the food the people cook there and 4) the language that is spoken in the house and I don’t mean necessarily foreign languages.

I believe that every family has its own way of talking with its family members. In our case it will be German and English as well as the way we talk to each other and that adds a different feel to the home. All these elements vary from one home to another and it might be interesting to look into different homes and see how these four points make a different home each time; a unique place that is very specific to the people that live in it.

I’m thinking about how our homes influence the way we live our lives? Can different homes bring out different sides of ourselves? So for instance do we entertain more when we’ve got more space? Do we interact more with nature and grow veg when we have a garden where we can do that? Do we feel generally happier if our home as higher more spacious rooms where we enjoy spending time in? Do we feel more creative if we are surrounded by certain materials and spaces?

Plasterer has fitted a new ceiling rose in the living room and sorted out missing parts of the coving in the dining room.

As that needs painting now we are thinking of painting all the walls in the dining room too. 



For a few weeks now we have been working on a brief for the architects and I find that a very creative and stimulating process. A brief could take many forms but we decided to make a number of mind maps with titles like ‘What we like’, ‘Materials we like’, ‘What we enjoy doing’, ‘Images we like’, … it also includes a little paragraph about each member of the family and all this should help the architect to understand us as a family, how the spaces need to flow and how they should be assembled to fit our daily lives. I shall be very interested in how the architects respond to that. Only one architect actually asked for a brief at this stage but we will send it out to all three of them.

I have contacted three architects now and they all confirmed they are interested in working with us and we will meet them in the summer when we are in Austria.

A plasterer will come next Monday to put up a ceiling rose in the lounche and complete the missing coving in the dining room.

We are working on a brief for the architects.