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It’s our second week in the tiny gallery space now known as Gallery7 in Margate, next to the Pie Factory Gallery. We’ve talked with loads of visitors, about sculpture, identity, the arts in general, artists’ selves, life in general! It can be quite exhausting, and not so easy to work in as we’d thought, though it’s quieter in the week.
Today we’re running a small life drawing group.
Brook and I will both model for our guests, and we’ll record the session, because we want to have a conversation with women artists about the things we’re interested in.
I’m finding it especially difficult to produce a prolonged piece of work in that space. As an artist who uses all kinds of media, I find I don’t have all the things to hand that allow me to work spontaneously, in contrast to Brook, whose process is the making of a sculpture head -of herself as a young woman.
But this is a discovery that tells me a lot about my self and my practice. While I look forward to the solitude and convenience of my own small studio, I try to make full use of this temporary space to explore the things we discuss. It’s a period of learning and getting to know each other a little more, which will probably, for me, feed into work later on, and which, as a rather solitary artist, I should fully appreciate.
I’ve uploaded our first conversation to vimeo, the second is to be edited and uploaded later this week, and we hope for a very interesting chat today!