Just a quick update, as I have spent some time today complaining to the Citizen’s Advice at the lack of help, poor advice (which I regretfully had to do, as normally CAB are very good) outright negligence, and Human Rights abuses, but I was reminded on Facebook of the Artist As Carer As Artist project, which I was contacted by Jillene to be involved in.

I have of course agreed to get involved, so I wanted to add a quick post to recommend this if you’re an artist with similar issues :-)




A Journey Exhibition is due to finish on 23rd September.

My fingernails are sore from being bitten from weeks of worry and sleepless nights wondering if Portrait Of Ian Duncan Smith With Bandaged Nose has been sold, and no notification to suggest it has yet.

I have submitted him for Nottingham Castle Open – I figured that if he hasn’t sold, if he is accepted for that, there’s the chance of winning some prize money, and to be viewed by a wider audience.

IF he’s accepted. In my opinion, the context is perfect for a roguish politician, in connection to the Robin Hood legend, but I wait and see.

If not, he will be collected from City Arts and I will try to sell him to clear my overdraft.

Other attempts to clear my overdraft are not working.

Citizen’s Advice, who used to be very helpful, have become less so. According to someone I know, their funding has been cut. Surprise, surprise.

The only advice they could offer was to try Turn 2 Us, and when I found a grant that I thought might help, was told they won’t clear debts. If I hadn’t paid the rent and gotten into rent arrears, they would, but I’m weird, I like keeping a roof over my head (and that of my disabled son).

I have shared info for the current exhibition with DPAC, who have been very active protesting the rights of disabled people, to coincide with the Paralympics. They have a related exhibition, and were very interested.