I compiled this blog back in February, and have updated it to highlight issues of grifting that affect artists in Lincoln: https://helend-blackbird.blogspot.com/2021/02/so-social-prescribing-is-hot-topic.html

I read on social media of a friend that said she had MH, but now has a good job that she loves, a house, and a partner – all positive stuff!

So why am I battling with Carer’s Assessments to prove that although my son is functioning, and not suicidal, that he still needs support?

Carer’s Week this year was the usual boasting about carers not being paid, campaigns to make us “visible”, but not actually funding my work, and highlighting the need for respite breaks – our carer’s group were advised “if you’re at burnout (which is all carers), try to take a respite break”. But when I recently took a respite break to visit family, who I haven’t seen for a year, I was told (gaslit) that I have no caring role.

So when my friend with MH goes to work, does her partner stop caring? He seems quite vocal about how proud he is of her, so does that stop when she goes to work, and start again when she gets home?

Is it reSPITE?

Can someone commission me to make that into a neon text piece in the style of the cocktail bar sign in Cocktail?