As a carer, it’s hard to take time out of the constant form filling, bureaucracy, mind melting stress of the health and social care crisis, but one thing I have been fortunate to achieve is respite funding to visit family.

I normally don’t do any creative work when on a respite break, but it would’ve been silly to not go and see some work I’ve been aching to see for a while, and take the opportunity to explore the sculptural delights of Esbjerg!

So I visited Abba: Supertroupers and Adapt To Survive: Notes From The Future at the Hayward Gallery (not Lee Bul!), The Hive at Kew Gardens, and Mennesket bed Havet, in Esbjerg, Denmark.

All detailed in  my blog.

This previous blog post outlines issues affecting artists working as carers for those with mental health conditions for #mentalhealthawarenessweek