I was very pleased to be awarded the SANE Creative Awards Scheme this year, which is for my new series of Monaco paintings.

These paintings address the juxtaposition of life experiences as a carer, being denied any income for caring, with older experiences of wealth; indeed, in my latest carer’s assessment, because Carer’s First know that I can’t live on zero income / benefits / clapping, they have decided that I no longer care! How convenient for them! This is subject to a complaint.

The Monaco paintings address former experiences of economic and narcissistic abuse, which led to my eventual experience as a single parent, as the holiday to the South of France and Monaco were compensation for having my entire first wages coerced from me for my then boyfriend’s gambling debts.

The wages were being saved up for my first driving lessons, and I never got them back. When my ex father-in-law discovered what he had done, I was invited on holiday as compensation.

I’m following The Law Of Attraction, to manifest wealth, prosperity and abundance, and this was included in the proposal.

It’s a strong aspect of my work now. I’m not asking for foodbanks, impoverishment, benefits overpayments or a low income.

I never wanted a council house.

I used to want to own my own home, but now I’m levelling up, and I want a mansion.

I’ve earnt one.

Rishi Sunak’s wife has not earnt theirs.

The first painting was finished, and I’m now working on the second.

The first painting is titled Cryptomonkey, and is an imaginary James Bond film and a fake James Bond yacht moored at Burton Waters marina.

My aim is to complete the second and third Monaco paintings, and to enter one for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition – the funding will cover the cost of entry fees and shipping costs.

This was going to be for this year, but will now be next year.

The idea is for one or more of the paintings to be sold to a gallery that exhibits international artists’ work in Monaco, and to eventually be able to return, hopefully for Monaco Art Week.
More work in progress in this blog.