Last week, I took part in the National Centre for Creative Health Creative Health Review Roundtable.

There were some very inspiring examples of how arts in social care can be used to improve wellbeing, although within the discussion, it was clear that this is isolated to a few select areas where funding is allocated, and it needs to be more universal!

If only there was something happening in Lincolnshire to mirror Plus One in Derby, for example.

Anndeloris Chacon of Bristol Black Carers reflected my own #wagesnotclaps campaign for carers, when she said that caring should never be defined as “unpaid” or “informal”, given the impact it has on carer’s lives.

I’m back to fighting for my respite funding, and in fact, more financial support to prevent bankruptcy, debt, potential homelessness, and all the cost of living crisis effects that are putting us at dire economic risk, and are not being supported by carer’s charities.

I have discovered that if I complain to the local authority about their definitions of carers being “unpaid” against our will, and they don’t uphold the complaint, I can complain to an ombudsman.

I wasn’t going to renew my membership here, but it has gone out automatically, so rather than be bankrupted by the lack of arts opportunities for artist carers, it would be useful to receive some funding, a bursary, or other exhibition opportunity that I take the time to apply for, without any other gatekeeping criteria.

Carers are rightfully angry, and not just me!

We are angry that these charities are not doing anything to support our actual needs! And we need #wagesnotclaps not carer’s leave – how am I supposed to get carer’s leave as a freelance fine artist? From who?