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i’ve been holed up with a cold over the weekend and today am really pleased to be feeling better.

i’ve celebrated this by getting my arduino out and playing some more. today it’s been with a 7 segment led display.  this is an array of 7 leds arranged in a meaningful manner.  i found some code and hacked it and got cameras out to film what i’d made.  i’ll record some sounds and edit et viola ! another video made by me :)



i’m also feeling good today as my 4 week night school course bean last night.  i worked at stopping myself getting freaked out by the new ness of the situation and reminded myself it was something i knew a little about and i was going along to learn some more.  i’ve begun a private reflective journal about the course.

something else i did yesterday was to evolve a personal blog begun in 2009.  it’s now on it’s third title and i’ll use it to be a companion to this blog.

over the weekend i wondered if this blog on a-n wasn’t actually the place to write about personal life events, even though ultimately it’s all part of the same thing = me.   i have a safeguard now in the drilling companion.