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i really enjoy the part of making a post where i think up a title.  it often sets the tone of my thinking for making the post.  today i’ve come up with one that amuses me as it has a slight vain of sanity to it yet really doesn;t give much away.

the two halves refer to forest school and level, the centre  to where i’ve made a submission to make a residency through the derbyshire wide digital programme d-lab.

it’s the second time i’ve applied as in the first round the opportunity was made available in a manner that was a bit confusing.  i recieved one of the most original rejection letters ever with an invitation to re-apply.  that’s what i’ve done today.

and now i dare to dream …

i dare to dream that i’m succesful with my submission and i get to create and continue with my forest school portfolio development, physically spearate activities but mentally now a lot closer.

as this is the second round of submissions, the reading of them all is monday.

i wait with excited anticipation to hear of the result.