After two weeks to stew over the election result (a one which I sadly predicted) I cannot see the new Tory Government placing the ‘arts’ top of it’s agenda. In fact, I would doubt it is even on the footnotes of any ministerial meeting, now or at any time in the next five years.  I hope I am proved wrong, but I said that about the election and look where that got us!!

We live in country with a wide diversity of thought, culture, ideas and wishes and yet we rely on a voting system that was designed, on the whole, to facilitate a winner from a two party race.  This system is so outdated and makes a mockery of true democracy. It leaves us with a two (or should I say one) party autocracy, both desperately clinging onto the first past the post voting system  in order to enforce their outdated ideologies on the majority of the voting population that did not vote for them.

My question to any artist that voted Tory is……why?