The little chinks of light that have appeared since project ‘Mark Carr as Artist’ began in 2012 have at times only just been enough to sustain this ‘living art form’.  So after the 20 watt bulb inclusion in a small group exhibition in north London, further rejections since have dimmed the light to barely a flicker.  As you can probably tell from these comments I have had a few dark days over the last month and contemplated ending project ‘Mark Carr as Artist’ once and for all. But then another idea or twenty pops into my head and off I go again on the roller coaster of creation and rejection.

So, as well as the on-going BLURRED project, which is heading for a ‘show down’ in December with a rather unusual rented  gallery space in Newcastle, two other projects, possibly even three are in the test tube being slowly brought to a simmering boil by an imaginary Bunsen burner…

Project 1 – Art as the Provocateur

Collaborating with a colleague, Martin Golan from the Biscuit Tin Studios, we hope to set in place a series of six ‘encounters’’ in the Biscuit Tin Gallery space from October 2015 to March 2016 ending in a FREE open art exhibition related to these.  Watch this and other social media spaces.

Project 2  –  Protest  ‘Living’ Art Work in support of Steven Gough (the naked rambler)

As an artist, long distance walker, but more importantly as a member of the human race, I do find it quite strange that people are ‘offended’ by the sight of a naked body in public, as there are far more horrific things to be offended by in this world than that.  Steven Gough has spent the best part of nine years incarcerated at her majesties’ pleasure without even going to trial. The vindictiveness and bloody-mindedness of our supposedly ‘fair’ society in all its guises from the justice system (what justice), the police, politicians and ’do gooders’ is beyond me; and for all of you who concern themselves with the cost to the taxpayer…over £300,000.

To support Mr Gough, I am hoping to create a replica of the The Long Man of Wilmington filled with naked bodies, taking homage from the work of Spencer Tunick.  I have contacted Steven and he has given his consent for the project.  The next phase is to contact Spencer Tunick and find a sympathetic landowner.

Project 3 – ‘Corruption’

The re-mixing and video performance of my 2013 album ‘Corruption’.

Wish me luck!!

PS.  Not going to get over to the Whitworth to see the Gerhard Richter and composer Arvo Pärt exhibition, looks and sounds stunning. Bugger!  Come on Baltic… BOOK IT!!!