There is irony in that sometimes deep sorrow creates beautiful things….this is my beautiful thing…

This is a song I wrote in memory of my beautiful niece Caitlyn. If you like it please share….The song will soon be on most on line media platforms such as spotify, youtube etc… under the band name Armchairanarchists – Mark Carr

Hi everyone, I really don’t usually do this, but I have decided to try to use the ‘Song for Caitlyn’ to raise money for charity in her memory. It is now ready for download from CD baby, (link below), it will cost you 99 US cents. I will get 90 US cents. All of the money I raise will go to the charity set up by the young British Event Rider, Hannah Francis, who recently died of cancer. Please see link below


[email protected]

Willberry Wonder Pony Registered charity number 1166416

The song can also be down loaded from all other online media outlets such as iTunes, amazon, spotify, deezer….the list is endless. You will find it under the band name ARMCHAIRANARCHISTS. If you have an account with these the royalties I get will be far less, in fact you can probably download it for free…. so if you do, you could make a contribution direct to the charity through the link instead. Please don’t think you have to do this, but many, many thanks for your patience and generosity if you do. I will keep all posted through my Facebook site of any money raised. Please share if you like, please delete if you don’t. Kind regards Mark Carr