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The title of this weeks blog to be read in your best James Alexander Gordon voice please….

As two Premiership (or maybe  Championship) artists went head to head this week on Wednesday’s  mainstream television, Grayson Perry Utd winning clearly by 3 goals to nil over  Brothers Chapman Athletic on style, presentation and brush handling; I wonder if the viewers were interested in the ART? As for me, that was a boring nil, nil draw, but hey, that’s the old cynic in me.

As for me, wallowing down in the Conference League North, it was a miserable defeat this week, Galleries Utd taking a comfortable 2 – 0 win home with them. Of course I will not name the two galleries (one a local Arts Group Gallery, the other a college gallery in the south of England) that, let us say, that found my work unacceptable, but I would like to make a little comment on this. The local small galley in a local small town was looking for a print exhibition. As part of and exhibition I had last year entitled ‘Suppression’ I made a series of large woodcuts to stand alone, but also used in the paintings for the show  (an example shown above). Not liked! Are they that bad and controversial? The college gallery, a fairly small white cube. The paintings above plus two accompanying videos, from the new BOUND series of work, consummately rejected. Not good, and not controversial enough?

Well, my attitude is be positive, if galleries won’t show the work, find alternative site specific  venues. I’ll let you know how I get on.