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Not to coincide with ‘the role of art in music on 6 Music’ or Jeremy Deller’s musings on Warhol’s ‘Art Factory’, I released my new single Take the World this week.  This, like all the other musical output I have created, is released under the band name – Armchairanarchists and is available to listen to and download on all on line digital portals. (I have attached two links at the end of this blog) There endith the self-promotion!

I have been creating music in various forms for 35 years and you could say, what’s the point, who listens to it? Well, to quote Noel Gallagher (who incredibly was recently a guest on Desert Island Disc’s – read into that what you will) ‘If you can make music you should’. And so that is what I do but, what has changed in those 35 years, is the ability to create music to a high standard in your own home and release this work via the internet. What started 35 years ago as an angry post-punk 20 year old who could hardly put 5 chords together playing to tiny audiences in pubs, arts centres and colleges now at 55 has a world-wide audience.  I make no money, but through on-line radio over the last three years thousands of people all over the world have heard my music, some have even become fans!!! Madness!!!

So, the question in my last blog was ‘Is the creation of art enough?’ The answer to that is, yes. As, although my life has been pitted with disappointments I have always been at my happiest when I am creating (or drinking or just being with my beautiful patient wife), be it music, art, video, poetry, or just making or repairing things, even helping others to create through teaching. For me the synthesis of creative intellectual thought and practical making is a true joy and a challenge. And I must always remind myself that to have this opportunity, whether I have calved it out for myself or not, is a unbelievable privilege.

So all….Go forth and create!!!!

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