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Good evening and Happy New Year to you all.

This blog entry will be slightly disjointed and I will jump from one thing to the next – apologies, I have a lot to share with you and not much time.

So whilst in the studio over the Christmas period I have come to think that some of my drawings is an art of accumulation, an art of collecting marks…watching, nurturing and ensuring they grow. I guess this falls neatly in with how I have thought about my work for years and the originals concepts that interested me. The gradual but unyielding passage of time along amongst other things that I won’t go into and bore you with again! So anyway, this thought – to me at least is a very pleasing one.

Meanwhile back at the studio…I have been involved recently in a lot of studio sessions where to the naked eye (via photograph uploaded onto various social media sites) not much is progressing, this is probably something to do with the fact that my work is extremely labour intensive coupled with the fact that I’m quite slow in producing them (deep breath) and…working full time. So I’m wandering, rather plodding through a restricted creative nirvana and I think to myself all these hours and I cannot show real progression, hmm, then I thought it it the constant motion that drives us all forward – regardless of speed, after all glaciers change everything – given enough time!

I am always looking to try different things in my practice – not so much because I want to change things but so as to enhance what I already do, then if things change completely, albeit incrementally- that’s great. I read a magazine article recently in which was about the work of street artist Connor Harrison (incredible – if you do not know his work – trust me you are missing out) and he said something like a change is not really a change if it doesn’t scare you. I’m not sure I agree with this. Change doesn’t have to be big and/ or brutal. I shall also point out that wasn’t a word for word quote, however the principle of thought still stands.

Im very close to finishing a large (for me) drawing, literally the next few days (pictured). I am pushing on with three large drawings at the the moment – each quite different but each as stimulating to create as the next. This works well for me as it keeps me interested in what I’m doing and it really doesn’t matter how long it takes to finish a piece. I’m actually quite lucky in that sense.

I will be embarking on a series of small drawings using coloured backgrounds in between finishing the larger ones. This will continue to keep things fresh and you never may also inform the larger pieces in their later stages.  Something like this sketch below (only in terms on background).

Thanks as always for reading my written self indulgence.


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