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So having completed another piece and submitting (and being accepted) to an online gallery I feel I have made some modest progress…and I’ll be honest – I’m really effing pleased. I feel as if this small progression has helped me to feel that what I am doing is worthwhile, that developing my practice is a forever ongoing pursuit and the hard work I put in will MAYBE…just maybe bear fruit one day.

Reflecting on the last week or so in terms of my practice I am filled with excitement and optimism to think of my future results (in terms of drawing) holds? I can constantly feel my subconscious self awakening and sharpening with every touch of pen or pencil to the paper and this is helping me to become more thoughtful in what I am doing and perhaps a little more considered. I am spotting more and more flaws within my work – maybe as a result of an eye that is slowly becoming keener? I find this exciting as it is work that I am still relatively pleased with so to stand and think I could do or that better.

I hope you do not read this and think this is self reverential drivel…obviously it is self reverential but I can hardly talk about someone else’s practice…what I mean is I am simply feeling optimistic – and under no illusion that I have many mountains to climb in poor weather – it’s just I have found a welcome plateau and a break in the weather on which I can reflect on a few small sucesses.