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the current lockdown is giving me a lot of time to live in my head.

a statement now difficult to follow up, i ponder for a moment… the lockdown is giving me more time to be on my own than this time would have given me.  after yesterday’s dark place i’m happy to report that today i am feeling more optimistic and positive.

a lot of my thinking is connected to trying to understand more.  both my own self and the situation we find ourselves in at home, nationally and globally.

the national situation is via the mainstream media and social media channels.  i have to admit i feel disappointed that i live at a time when for all our evolution and technological developments as a country we appear to be doing so poorly.  the current rhetoric from the press seems to centre on the slowness of the progression of the situation we are all in.  the smallest thing being expanded and drawn out.  if i decide to not read or not listen, will the press still make stories ?



the lockdown is giving me time to research and understand more the conditions of my dyslexia.  it’s so much more subtle than i believed the condition to be as a child – when i didn’t appreciate that i am.   i still try to understand it.

i feel better than i did yesterday.