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hello.  back for another post.  still in a pandemic and still exploring the new areas of life this affords.  this morning i’ve discovered dj hammy on mixcloud.  found mixcloud because of the inclusion mixes moving there.

so sunday morning, i’m waffling a little to cover the on going condition of spending so much time at home – i’m finding it challenging to say the least.  i have been out and about this week – twice to derby in fact.


the projects funded by the arts council emergency fund for individuals are proving their worth in helping me plan for the future – despite a feeling of nothingness when i consider the future beyond a few months.


each of the projects have their own reflective space and in the coming weeks i plan to update them both.  in a nutshell i’ve concentrated on walking through for the last month to bring it to realisation, while prism has remained in my thoughts and i’m looking forward to returning to it.

with prism i’m keen to work up the critical thinking that will under pin the work.



walking through is receiving really good reactions amongst the community of contributors.  that’s what i’ve been doing this week – sharing links for contributions to see how i’ve integrated them into the project.  that phase is about complete, i have a load of notes to impliment.



i find myself considering future plans and i know i need to do something but my options seem limited.  i really do need to hold my nerve in the next few weeks.

what has kept me together over the lockdown period is having work to focus on.  when i let that off and relax to recharge i find myself becoming far to head centric and my mood starts to implode.  over lockdown this has been a cyclic occurrence – maybe a new norm?

in the coming week my plan is to work through the notes i have and work up the website contextualisation for it, embracing all the new things and keeping my head together and safe.

have a great day x.