The starting points for further defining and developing my post-MA art practice are the two project ideas: ‘Un-fictions’ and ‘Snapshots’. Informed by diverse theoretical research, the central concerns are the conditions and problems of representation and meaning.

Drawing on the concept intertextuality (what the viewer brings to the image from previous knowledge and experience) and considering the underpinning differences between images that derive from our own experience or remotely from other sources, the question leading the work is, what is the quality of that encounter? Or put another way, what is the significance of the interpretation? Hmm, curious.

If our Episodic memory is formed from our personal experiences and our Semantic memory is sourced from other knowledge of the world that we may have no direct experience, then the meanings offered by these different perspectives may produce varied meanings when encountering images. Hmm, fascinating.

I play with the conditions, references and significations indicated by appropriated images, objects and printed materials to explore these complexities and contradictions. Enjoy the uncertainty and discrepancies.

Snapshots explores representation of memory in family photographs (snapshots).

Un-fictions is the more recent series of work which explores differences between image and object, where the remote images is ‘grounded’ in an object of a more personal experience.