Printmaking and drawing developments reveal some consistency. The second printmaking piece Tracing the Everyday confirms a certain disquiet as the everyday is traced in the process of printing, and the colour register along with the cut-in image take our associations in different directions.

The new series of drawings, initially exploring images from memory and those observed, changed to show discrepancies between those observed in the everyday and the insistent interference of images relating to the issues of Virillio and the technological age (Interference 2 & 3).

Corner of the Room Remembered and Recorded, lead to Memory of Place and Another Place observed, then the still life drawings interrupted with images from newspapers to that ‘everyday’.

The series of still life drawings incorporate embossed images taken from newspapers not as a memory as such but as a residual memory as a kind of noise. The embossed drawing is restated and enforced the more I try to state the observed appearance of things before me. This perhaps captures those issues raised by Virillio and play on the issues revolving around semantic and episodic memory revealed in my research into Ziki.

So this investigation of representation continues to shift its focus to some extent, and yet perhaps rather redefines and clarifies, and as it registers aspects from very conscious and also unconscious associations. These images seem perhaps conditioned by a certain disquiet in my own life recently, though not particularly autobiographical in any obvious way, it seems that memory and episodic events do condition what we find in images or perhaps that’s the other way around; or maybe that the two have just converged here. Not really sure about that but there is a definite uncanny echo going on whatever the initial exploration was about. I think I will leave it at that.