Not sure this is the correct use of an Art blog but although I’ve obviously expressed verbally, to friends and family, my joy about things I’ve done this summer, it still seems important to write the words down for posterity. So a-n has become a repository for my diary thoughts. Suppose I’m apologising but in fairness, my life/diary is inevitably slanted towards ART and as I believe art is synonymous with life, it’s allowable. Yes?

Right, apology over. The course at Newlyn Art School was wonderful. Full of practical advice on ‘how to paint’ but delivered by the tutor Gareth Edwards in brilliantly humorous/semi art-speak academic/understandable language. His thoughts on composition were a revelation demonstrating that there is always something to learn, even after a lifetime of painting and drawing.Here’s one of my efforts after the first plain air day on a stunningly beautiful Cornish Beach.

Then second day was spent in the studio making large-scale acrylic paintings. This is a detail from one of mine. I so enjoyed this one and it taught me so much.

I drove home (7 hour journey !!) feeling elated. Had one day to pack then 4 of us took off on another long journey via Brittany Ferries to France to stay in a gorgeous 200 year old stone house recently acquired by a relative. Situated on the borders of the Lot, Dordogne area. Again so wonderful that superlatives like amazing, beautiful, sublime can’t do it justice. Had no idea where to start painting as every angle was crying out to be captured. So I began by filling a concertina sketchbook with quite domestic images, to document our stay and to give to our niece as a memento. I photographed some of these to reuse back home combining lessons learnt on my Cornish Abstract Landscape course.

Here are some of the sketches and photos….

And now….inspired and slightly overwhelmed I shall begin a series of French memories. Then on 22nd I’m off to Brisons Veor,Cape Cornwall again for a weeks residency. What a wonderful arty summer I’m having.