I suddenly decided to try oil paint again after many years of enjoying Acrylics. Not sure what prompted this but am already so glad I did. The buttery texture of the oily colours is great. Here’s my first experiment.

Reworking an old subject over a base layer of blue acrylic. I sold a version of this at Art Fair East and I enjoyed remembering the sensation of swimming in a Welsh lake.

Next I retrieved one of a series of underwater oil paintings which I made for my MA degree show back in 2015. The pale green base suggested memories of swimming in the shallow water at Wells next the Sea. I love the colours of underwater flesh turning blue so just did feet from memory.

Felt reasonably happy with this so next, after a visit to Gallery East where I saw paintings by Kate Giles I felt inspired to rework a ¬†landscape which I started loosely in acrylics after a walk in the all too rare sunshine recently. After so many grey winter days the sun briefly ¬† caught some yellow leaves still clinging onto the trees near the Water Meadows. Thinking about Kate’s broad, loose brushstrokes I mixed some green and gold oil colours. It’s not there yet but I’m hopeful it might work.


Spurred on by seeing my friend, Amy starting a blog, I’m coming back yet again.

My new garden studio lies unused. Cocooned until the warmth of the sun allows me to linger more than the odd few minutes when I poke my head in to test the temperature. It’s been sunny lately leading me to hope that it’s possible to paint. But each time I think about trying the cold paralyses me and I return to the warmth of the house.

A rapid sketch on a freezing walk is the only brief piece of art I have accomplished lately. See above. One day soon I’ll start again properly.

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