Well, at last I’ve got my studio and what a difference it’s made to my life. It was worth the wait.

Seeing some of my paintings in more spacious surroundings, I am able to make better decisions on that thorny question ‘is it finished?’, make subtle alterations and generally just paint. It’s a revelation having a truly dedicated separate space to paint and to think and best of all …. just stop and go home when you reach the end of your concentration for the day.

Alec has put up some batons on the biggest wall so I’m able to shift things around at will so I can consider the next move or even paint on the wall. In response to this I’ve made two smaller versions of “Cornard Wood’ just visible on the wall. Quite pleased with these and will frame them as a triptych I think.

Lovely too, to be able to sort out exactly which paintings I’m going to take to Art Fair East on 28th Nov. Always enjoy this exhibition and if anyone’s interested there’s a free ticket for this you can print off from Twitter or Facebook. Well worth a visit!