Well after a wonderful summer filled with sunshine and trips to Cornwall, Cyprus, Wales, Florence and France all of which inspired my painting, I followed it up with two great exhibition opportunities.

The Sentinel which I shared with Amy Drayson, was not a sellout but we broke even and made a slight profit each. But more importantly, we learnt a lot about exhibiting and made some interesting contacts and received some lovely comments. I then went on to show my work at Art Fair East in Norwich. This time with Jen Sendall. I’ve shown here twice before and each time it seems to get better. The reputation is growing and I personally did really well this year achieving some good sales and making lots of new contacts. But more importantly It did my confidence a huge favour. I think I’m more aware of what to offer at these events and pleased that by sticking to what I like to paintI can still sell without compromising or dumbing down on my goals. The experience again taught me so much.

Since then I have reorganised and enlarged my studio space and am looking forward to more painting and also to offering short workshops as I still enjoy teaching.

Mastering MailChimp has also been instrumental in my selling work. Another arty friend told me that art was 40% painting and 60% marketing. A rather sad statistic but probably true. I’m not good at marketing and resent the time it takes but slowly coming to terms with the reality and finding it a bit less of a chore as my confidence increases.

Here’s one of my sales – Warraba NSW.