Having rediscovered blogging after a huge gap I seem to be becoming addicted again. It’s slightly weird how writing thoughts down makes them real. My Queensland trees painting has moved forward and the marks I made have helped to resolve another painting which had lain dormant on the studio wall. This time nearer to home.

A memory of one of my Covid walks along the Stour. It was very bland and with no sketch or photo to refer to I was relying on a distant memory.

These two cropped images of the Queensland painting show the flattish brushstrokes I’ve started to use. These showed me the way to complete the rather boring Stour River image.

Think this is now complete. Having run out of Cadmium Yellow I’m now having a break from painting until I have time to visit the art supplies shop


So long since my last blog. I don’t recognise myself in that last blog. The Covid years were bleak. But now , after having spent 5 weeks in a long-postponed visit to the Australian branch of the family I’m feeling much more buoyant and optimistic than on my last blog post. It was so good being with my stepdaughters who have supported me from afar in caring for their Dad. Incidentally he’s so much better now which is wonderful.


Inevitably the stupendous foreign scenery was impossible to capture but drawing on so many wonderful memories, brief watercolour sketches and numerous photos, I’m beginning to use the images stored in the back of my brain. Tropical trees, brilliant colours, vast skies, exotic plants are swimming into focus ¬†and creating a new series or artwork. Still experimenting but edging nearer to my memories each time. Applying some of the things I’m learning to scenes nearer home here in the Water Meadows of Sudbury, Suffolk too.

Two images of Queensland Australia. Sub-tropical wild wilderness

And here are my two lovely granddaughters. So different but both are amazing…. Kate studying Art History and English at Edinburgh and Sophie – Robotics and Computer Science at Sheffield. Adore them both. Sophie’s a great swimmer who took me to a Lido in the Peak District ! She swam the Channel aged 16 !!!!