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Education, education, education

Part of the circle of mentoring which I am developing includes being part of a peer network and providing educational experiences. I strongly believe either having a creative education or at least including aspects of creative thinking, making and exploring […]

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Alternative Art Education Articles

This is a collection of articles talking about possible alternatives to the traditional Art College route in to being a professional artist.  Collected from the A.N site.  Also about Artist lead initiatives and Education ideas generally.

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Professional, Transparent and Evangelical

AUDIOBLOG – Please click here BEWARE… ranting, sweeping statements and controversial opinions lurk in the text below: My involvement in arts education as a (sometimes loosely defined) teacher has taken a sort of scatter gun approach, but has taken in […]

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Education and Life

AUDIOBLOG – Please click here I am aware it has been over a week since I posted, and it’s not like me is it? As I sit here, not sleeping, again, I mull over the reason why. It is because […]

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Art Noise Collective Crowdfunder Campaign

Art Noise is a dynamic, brand new resource hub. The project, established in 2014, is focused on the visual culture and art education of South East Artist community. It is about promoting and developing opportunities for international students and young artists based in Brighton.

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Visual Resource Centre, Manchester School of Art
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Slide away: Manchester School of Art archive under threat

Manchester School of Art’s Visual Resource Centre, containing around 300,000 slides spanning 50 years, is at risk of being lost. As MA and PhD students launch the Adopt a Slide project to highlight the archive’s value, Chris Sharratt calls for the art school to recognise the uniqueness of this collection of analogue artefacts.

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A Proper Job

  AUDIOBLOG – Please click here It was definitely the right thing to do to give up the permanent, albeit part time proper job. But this week I have been reminded why I loved it for ten years. I’ve been […]

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Untitled blog post from "Balancing Act"

Continuing with my experimentations in the studio, I should have been a scientist ha-ha! Actually really enjoying this phase maybe I am just not used to not having an immediate goal. Just been rejected for a job as not enough […]

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Keeping Going

Meanwhile, away from the nine women, life goes on… The funding is going to be great, but I do need to earn money after that. If I removed myself from the possibility of other earning for the duration of the […]

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Maintaining Quality of Experience

Maintaining Quality of Experience One of the challenges in managing a closing course is to ensure that the remaining students not only get the chance to complete the relevant modules but, of equal importance, is the experience they have whilst […]

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Untitled blog post from "Project Me"

Re-reading some more of the Artistic Research course texts, or perhaps reading them in a (literally physically) different context has been surprisingly rewarding.  Sometimes it can take a really long time for me to ‘get’ something, or to reach a […]

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Born creative (cropped report cover)

Born creative

In a series of essays, Born Creative brings together the experiences of creative practices in early years education. Intended to show the importance of cultures, environments and networks in the enrichment of early years learning.

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