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Los Desconocidos (The Unknowns)

In February I received the A-N Travel Bursary to enable me to return to Mexico where I began the first stage of a new major body of work.

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Artist = Philosopher

Perhaps I’m unusual as a visual artist but when I visit exhibitions I crave words; and usually I’m frustrated by their absence.

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Art & Design Conference @ The Collection, Lincoln

Last month I was invited to give an hour’s talk about the Peace Painting project at the annual Paradigm Arts Art & Design Conference at The Collection Museum and Art gallery, Lincoln. Images and experiences are in this blog Recent […]

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Education, education, education

Part of the circle of mentoring which I am developing includes being part of a peer network and providing educational experiences. I strongly believe either having a creative education or at least including aspects of creative thinking, making and exploring […]

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Alternative Art Education Articles

This is a collection of articles talking about possible alternatives to the traditional Art College route in to being a professional artist.  Collected from the A.N site.  Also about Artist lead initiatives and Education ideas generally.

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Professional, Transparent and Evangelical

AUDIOBLOG – Please click here BEWARE… ranting, sweeping statements and controversial opinions lurk in the text below: My involvement in arts education as a (sometimes loosely defined) teacher has taken a sort of scatter gun approach, but has taken in […]

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Education and Life

AUDIOBLOG – Please click here I am aware it has been over a week since I posted, and it’s not like me is it? As I sit here, not sleeping, again, I mull over the reason why. It is because […]

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Art Noise Collective Crowdfunder Campaign

Art Noise is a dynamic, brand new resource hub. The project, established in 2014, is focused on the visual culture and art education of South East Artist community. It is about promoting and developing opportunities for international students and young artists based in Brighton.

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Visual Resource Centre, Manchester School of Art
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Slide away: Manchester School of Art archive under threat

Manchester School of Art’s Visual Resource Centre, containing around 300,000 slides spanning 50 years, is at risk of being lost. As MA and PhD students launch the Adopt a Slide project to highlight the archive’s value, Chris Sharratt calls for the art school to recognise the uniqueness of this collection of analogue artefacts.

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