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a-n Research: a focus on education

a-n Research editor Dany Louise highlights content that focuses on education in schools and universities in our growing, free-to-view index of visual arts cultural policy and strategy documents.

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Los Desconocidos (The Unknowns)

In February I received the A-N Travel Bursary to enable me to return to Mexico where I began the first stage of a new major body of work.

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Artist – Philosopher

Perhaps I’m unusual as a visual artist but when I visit exhibitions I crave words; and usually I’m frustrated by their absence.

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Art & Design Conference @ The Collection, Lincoln

Last month I was invited to give an hour’s talk about the Peace Painting project at the annual Paradigm Arts Art & Design Conference at The Collection Museum and Art gallery, Lincoln. Images and experiences are in this blog Recent […]

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Education, education, education

Part of the circle of mentoring which I am developing includes being part of a peer network and providing educational experiences. I strongly believe either having a creative education or at least including aspects of creative thinking, making and exploring […]

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Alternative Art Education Articles

This is a collection of articles talking about possible alternatives to the traditional Art College route in to being a professional artist.  Collected from the A.N site.  Also about Artist lead initiatives and Education ideas generally.

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Professional, Transparent and Evangelical

AUDIOBLOG – Please click here BEWARE… ranting, sweeping statements and controversial opinions lurk in the text below: My involvement in arts education as a (sometimes loosely defined) teacher has taken a sort of scatter gun approach, but has taken in […]

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