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Fatama Begum, Vote.
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Vote Art: ideaologically conservative and preaching to converted?

Vote Art has seen artists such as Jeremy Deller and Bob and Roberta Smith using art to encourage people to vote through a series of billboards across the country. On the eve of tomorrow’s general election, Laura Harris argues that the project demonstrates worrying tendencies in both contemporary art and parliamentary politics.

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Simon Roberts
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A Q&A with… Simon Roberts, election photographer

To coincide with the general election, Photofusion in London is showing Simon Roberts’ The Election Project, a body of work documenting the 2010 election campaign. Here he discusses the photographs in light of the current political climate, the symbolic nature of landscape photography, and his attempts to democratise the artistic process.

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Jordan Alex Smith, Vote.
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Vote Art goes live from Aberdeen to Plymouth

Artworks encouraging people to vote in the general election will be appearing on billboards around the UK from this Thursday, 23 April, with a new work by first-time-voter Jordan Alex Smith joining those of the five already announced artists.

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Paying Artists Regional Advocates
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Paying Artists: regional advocates need you!

a-n and AIR has launched the Paying Artists Regional Advocates – a team of eleven artists across five cities tasked with ensuring more artists’ voices get heard within the campaign in the lead up to the general election.

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Giuseppe Marinetti AKA Joseph Young
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A Q&A with… Joseph Young, ‘revolutionary artist’

Brighton-based artist Joseph Young is presenting his Revolution #10 project to MPs and their guests at the House of Commons on 11 March. He explains the genesis of the project and what it’s like to stand around in the street dressed like a politician.

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Bob & Roberta Smith, Vote.
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Vote Art: “We’re putting up posters, just asking you to vote”

A new project encouraging people to vote launches across the UK in April, with a series of billboards featuring works by artists Bob & Roberta Smith, Fatima Begum, Janette Parris and Jeremy Deller. Plus a competition to find a fifth artwork created by a first-time voter is open for entries.

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Bob and Roberta Smith's manifesto. Photo
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Art and the election: MPs and artists debate at AUE hustings

Whilst the three main parties were keen to stress a need to redistribute arts funding more evenly around the UK, there was little in the way of concrete pledges at Wednesday evening’s Artists’ Union England Hustings debate in London, addressing issues that directly concern artists in the lead up to the general election. Stephen Palmer reports.

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