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Ingret Van Ree, John Fernon and Dorian Braun recording Operatic vioce for sound installation. Photograph by Karen van der Muel.
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A Q&A with… Dorian Braun, Edinburgh Art Festival ‘Platform’ artist

Edinburgh Art Festival’s Platform exhibition provides early career artists the opportunity to develop and show work at this high-profile annual festival. Richard Taylor talks with one of this year’s artists whose intriguing commissioned work was built in the Scottish Highlands and fine-tuned through collaboration during residencies in Abroath and Holland.

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Martin Creed, Work No. 2683, 2016 
​Courtesy the artist and Hauser & Wirth​
Photo: Hugo Glendinning
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A Q&A with… Martin Creed, artist and musician

Turner Prize winning artist Martin Creed has major shows on at Hauser & Wirth Somerset and Park Avenue Armory in New York, has recently played at Glastonbury, and has just released a new album of songs, Thoughts Lined Up. Fisun Güner talks to him about music, art, food phobias and life after Brexit.

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Transitions out of Fine Art Education Symposium, Glasgow School of Art, 25 June 2016. Photo: courtesy Glasgow School of Art
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Life beyond art school: what next, where next and how to make it happen

A recent symposium held in Glasgow and organised jointly by Glasgow School of Art and Q-Art saw fine art staff, students and industry professionals examine the role of art schools and how they prepare students for life after university. Laura Campbell reports on the issues raised and the possible solutions.

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