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I’m not sure what is more stressful; moving house or trying to get a gallery or agent to show a morsel of interest in ones work. I have just spent the last two weeks unpacking boxes and reassessing things I had kept for years, but had never taken out of storage. I did try to keep to the two year rule, i.e. if you haven’t got it out of the packing box in two years it is unlikely you’ll ever need it, but some things had to just had stay.

It is strange in the end what you decide to keep and what you discard. My mothers 78 record player was unpacked and now sits proudly open and in anticipation of being wound up and let loose with its steel needle on the complete soundtrack to Snow White. Whilst my set of 20th century cameras was brashly re-boxed and taken to the charity shop with all the other discarded flotsam and jetsam.

However, this years artistic output has not been discarded, but repackaged ready for a new assault on unsuspecting galleries in the new year. BOUND and BROKEN will find a place to be shown; they deserve it even if I do not. Catch all the images on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mark-Carr-Armchairanarchists/199929023470475

or website:http://armchairanarchist.wix.com/artist

PS. For the record, moving house is far more stressful.!!!!