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A short blog this week after last week’s tirade.

The emperor has found his clothes at the George Chakravarthi exhibition presently being held at the Vane/Globe gallery, in Newcastle. After all I said last week this show makes me eat my words.  It will not be everyone’s taste, but for me it has quality and intrigue.  I’m not sure I agree with Mr Chakravarthi when he links the work with post 7/11 suicides; for me it resonates with gender issues, especially after the recent Maxine Peake version of Hamlet hit the stage and screen. What a great actress she is.

It is very frustrating when I hear programmes like the recent ‘Front Row’ on the place of arts in our society.  They, like many programmes of its type, are not set to have a ‘grow – up’ intellectual discussion; all the producer wants is a cheap ‘bun-fight’ which leads to light entertainment not solutions or answers!!

Glad to hear the politicians eventually talking about the arts.  However, I fear that’s all it will be. They, like many, miss the deep cultural significance of the arts in our society. The only way this would be truly shown is by removing all the arts from our society to show the cultural desert that would remain.

Started work on the new series of work this week ‘Blurred’. First mock – up of the new work above: no working title, sorry – inkjet print, yacht varnish, acrylic on canvas, 420cm x 170cm.

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