Debby Besford’s talk went well and we had an interesting lot of questions afterwards. We bought a copy of her book, “The Boudoir of the Burlesque Performer”, for our nascent Project Space library.

It seems strange to be able to finish the talk still with daylight streaming through chinks in the window blackout material and no need for torches outside or the floodlight to stop vistors stumbling in quite the wrong direction. We must ger better window screening though.

One of the unforeseen benefits of the talks is that is has given speakers the chance, if they wish, to practice a new presentation or practice discussing new work infront of a (usually!) freindly audience. I suppose being located in a field lends the space an air of informality that can be relaxing.

Debby has got some postcards printed to publicise the show of her photos we are hosting and also the workshop. I took a nice snap of her modelling one at the talk…..

Dominique Rey


We met with our next artist speaker, Debby Besford, to discuss ideas for her participation with the Project Space. After coffee and some shortbread biscuits from the Aylsham Women’s Institute Market, we had finalised an exhibition of Debby’s burlesque photographic portraits from her book and a photography workshop in June.

Debby’s work can be seen at: www.debbybesford.com where you can also obtain information about her book.

Debby’s talk is on :Wednesday 16th May at 7pm.